Grow Your Business with fast, Reliable Molecular Tests

Leverage the industry’s largest menu of qPCR assays to offer your customers best-in-class microbial safety testing, sex determination, plant pathogen detection and more

Solutions for testing Labs

Microbial Safety Testing

Test for quantitative and qualitative microbial targets using qPCR assays specifically designed for cannabis and hemp 

Plant Pathogen & Virus Detection

Help your clients identify and eliminate infected plants before they spread

Automation Solutions

Test more samples and reduce labor hours with automated DNA extraction and qPCR setup.

Plant Sex Detection

Save your clients keep their gardens female-only and save weeks worth of resources.

Environmental Screening

Screen cultivation spaces, processing areas, and equipment and stop microbial contamination at the source.

DNA Purification

Remove any non-DNA compounds and chemicals that may interfere with qPCR reactions, and get the best results possible.

What our customers are saying

“It does not get any easier than the Medicinal Genomics PathoSEEK assay for microbial testing on cannibis! The technology is based on validation performed on the complex cannabis matrix and utilizes the plant’s SCCG as an internal control. I have utilized PathoSEEK for several years now and Medicinal Genomics has continued to impress with their support, updates, and adaptability to different state’s cannabis regulation as it pertains to microbial contaminants. The added ability to scale up using robotics in my lab also leads to increase throughput setting us apart from others.”
“Our interactions with everyone at MGC have been top notch. The staff have always been accommodating and willing to solve any and all issues that have arisen including taking on sequencing projects to explain differing outcomes between plating and qPCR results and drafting white papers and making themselves available to educate State-level cannabis regulators and their staff.”
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Our genetics-based cannabis testing and breeding technologies can help growers, dispensaries and labs grow cleaner, faster and healthier in every way. Because you’re not just delivering a product. You’re building a business. And a reputation.

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