Grim Reefer® Free DNA Removal Kit

Eliminate free DNA from dead cells

Eliminate free DNA from dead cells so it does not inflate quantitative results from PathoSEEK® qPCR Detection Assays. Grim Reefer® provides a quick, accurate, and affordable solution to a problem that has haunted labs using DNA-based methods.


The Grim Reefer Advantage


Grim Reefer® reagents are safer to handle than ethidium monoazide (EMA) or propidium monoazide (PMA) treatments.


The Grim Reefer® method adds just 10 minutes to the SenSATIVAx® DNA Purification Process. Much faster than re-running after incubation.


Grim Reefer® performs better than other enzymatic solutions, ethidium monoazide (EMA), or propidium monoazide (PMA) treatments.

The Grim Reefer Process

Add the Grim Reefer® buffer and enzyme to the sample and
incubate at 37C for 10 minutes to degrade any dead of free DNA. After incubation, add MGC lysis buffer to the sample and mix well. The lysis buffer inactivates the Grim Reefer® Enzyme while also lysing the viable cells. After the Lysis step, add the Grim Reefer® Positive Control, which contains a known amount of free DNA, to ensure the enzyme is deactivated. If the Grim Reefer® Positive Control appears in the qPCR results, you know the Grim Reefer® Enzyme was properly deactivated.

  • Kit includes Grim Reefer® Buffer, Grim Reefer® Enzyme, Grim Reefer® qPCR Assay, and Grim Reefer® Positive Control
  • Grim Reefer® Enzyme is easily deactivated by MGC Lysis Buffer.
  • Grim Reefer® Positive Control contains a known amount of free DNA and is added after the lysis step to ensure that the Grim Reefer® Enzyme was properly deactivated
  • Adds just 10 minutes to the SenSATIVAx® process
  • Validated for use with PathoSEEK Total Yeast and Mold and Total Aerobic Count Detection Assays

Add Grim Reefer® Enzyme and Buffer to homogenized sample and incubate for 10 minutes.


Grim Reefer® Enzyme eats any free DNA present in the sample


Add MGC Lysis Buffer


Lysis Buffer deactivates Grim Reefer® Enzyme and lyses viable cells to expose DNA


Add Grim Reefer® Positive Control


Positive Control is Free DNA used to show the Grim Reefer® Enzyme has been deactivated

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Grim Reefer® Products

420143Grim Reefer® Free DNA Removal Assay*200Buy Now
420144Grim Reefer® Free DNA Removal Control*50Buy Now
420145Grim Reefer® Free DNA Removal Kit*250/125Buy Now

* NOTE: qPCR instruments must have Cy5 channel in order to use Grim Reefer®

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not recommended that Free DNA Removal protocols be used with assays that require an enrichment such as Aspergillus, Salmonella and STEC. There is a simpler more cost effective alternative.

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Remediation techniques, such as radiation, may damage plant cell walls and create more exposed cannabis DNA, which the Grim Reefer enzyme will chew up.


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