Grow Smart with Molecular Tools from Medicinal Genomics

Medicinal Genomics can help you grow clean, fast,
and smart with genotyping and sequencing services
and a variety of testing assays that cover plant
pathogens, human pathogens, plant sex, and more!

Solutions for Cannabis Growers

Genomic Services

Genotype plants, screen for
known traits, and identify
novel variants using the
most advanced genomic
tools on the market.

Plant Pathogen & Virus Detection

Identify and eliminate
infected plants before they
ruin your garden.

Plant Sex Detection

Save on weeks worth of resources and only plant females in your garden.

Microbial Safety Testing

QC your products using the
same technology that the
leading cannabis labs use.

Environmental Screening

Screen cultivation spaces, processing areas, and equipment and stop microbial contamination at the source.

Automation Solutions

Test more samples and reduce labor hours with automated DNA extraction and qPCR setup.

What our Cultivators are Saying

Jesse Leach | Colorado Seed Inc.
Conventional breeding methods take a lot of time, labor, and off-site lab testing that slows down our breeding process and costs a lot of money! With the ability to accurately detect plant gender from our seedlings, our selection process has become much easier.
Seth Crawford, PhD | Co-Founder, Oregon CBD
The CannSNP90 Platform is a very powerful tool for cannabis breeders. and can rapidly accelerate the process of marker discovery. In our case, it has helped us take our breeding of high total cannabinoid content in novel chemotype hemp to the next level and made it possible to identify day-neutral plants as seedlings, which are both equally groundbreaking results for us. We will definitely be using this service again.
David Critzer | Tissue Culture Biologist, Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center
From a cultivation standpoint, Early Gender Detection is an awesome tool for us to have in our arsenal. The ability to know which plants are females about 10 days after germinating a pack of seeds saves us time and money. No more wasting precious resources and even more precious space growing out "useless" males.
Matt Wheatley, PhD | Director of Cultivation, Los Suenos Farms
I am very happy with the StrainSEEK results I received from Medicinal Genomics. Being a molecular biologist, I plan to spend a great deal of time perusing the StrainSEEK sequence info up close to begin to understand the differences we see in growth and disease resistance for different varieties. For example, a few of the varieties we grow have a great deal more resistance to fungal pathogens when compared with the average variety. Identification of genetic markers that impart disease resistance is incredibly important to future breeding projects. Medicinal Genomics has given me a goldmine 🙂 thanks again!
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