Identify & Eliminate Male Plants Days After Germination

Save Weeks Worth of Resources

Our qPCR-based microbial testing method is specifically designed for cannabis matrices, optimized for efficiency, and easily scalable with liquid handling robotics. Find out why our method has become the industry’s preferred microbial testing technology.

With DNA-based testing, it is possible to identify male cannabis plants weeks before they show any visual sex features. DNA is extracted from one of the plant’s leaflets, as early as the second set of true leaves. Males can then be removed from a grow in order to maintain female flowers rich in cannabinoids. This method is an improvement over traditional visual inspection because it allows growers to identify male plants earlier, more accurately, and with less labor.

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Medicinal Genomics does not offer sex testing as a service, but we can connect you with a testing lab in your area that does.

Save Weeks Worth of Resources

It takes approximately 6 weeks for a cannabis plant to show signs of sex. By eliminating male cannabis or hemp plants early, cultivators can make better use of their resources, canopy space, and labor.


It costs approximately $20 to grow a cannabis plant six weeks

Canopy Space

At six weeks, 40% of the canopy space will be male


Six weeks of care requires transplanting, watering, monitoring, training, and removing.

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When You Determine Plant Sex Matters

Two Options for Sex Testing Cannabis

Be sure to consider sample volume when choosing which automation machine will work for you. You can always contact a Medicinal Genomics representative for help deciding what’s best for your lab.

What our customers are saying

Jesse Leach | Colorado Seed Inc.
Conventional breeding methods take a lot of time, labor, and off-site lab testing that slows down our breeding process and costs a lot of money! With the ability to accurately detect plant gender from our seedlings, our selection process has become much easier.
David Critzer | Tissue Culture Biologist, Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center
“From a cultivation standpoint, Early Gender Detection is an awesome tool for us to have in our arsenal. The ability to know which plants are females about 10 days after germinating a pack of seeds saves us time and money. No more wasting precious resources and even more precious space growing out "useless" males.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

Next-generation sequencing revealed polymorphisms within the Mandolino-published MADC2 regions, making them problematic targets for qPCR.
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The results will show female, or no amplification on the FAM channel.

The hermaphrodite cannabis plant process does not synthesize a Y chromosome, it just activates sex determining genes elsewhere. The FemINDICAtor primers and probe target the Y chromosome and thus will not hit or amplify a hermaphrodite.


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Cultivators who don’t have enough volume, lab experience, or start-up cash to test plants in-house can outsource to one of our partner labs. Fill out the form below and we will connect you with one in your area, if available.

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