SenSATIVAx® DNA Purification Kits

Purify Plant and Microbial DNA From Any and All Matrices

Purify plant and microbial DNA from a variety of cannabis matrices, including flower, leaf, stem, extract, oil, edibles, and other infused products. SenSATIVAx® kits have been evaluated and approved by the AOAC Performance Tested Methods (PTM) Program for use on cannabis flower and infused edibles.


The SenSATIVAx® Advantage


Magnetic, bead-based protocol is simple to perform and requires no organic extraction.


DNA purification process takes just 45 minutes and can be easily automated with liquid handling robotics.


SenSATIVAx® Kits remove PCR-inhibiting cannabis compounds, leaving behind only purified plant and microbial DNA.

The SenSATIVAx® Process

The SenSATIVAx® Kit is a modified technology similar to the DNA purification technology used to sequence for the Human Genome Project at MIT. This technology serves to capture hydrophilic (water loving) DNA while washing away lipophillic (fat loving) compounds. The process also uses a 96 well magnetic plate, which eliminate the need for high speed centrifuges or filtration significantly reducing costs, plastic waste and time required to isolate DNA. All chemicals and reagents used in the SenSATIVAx® Kit are manufactured in a facility certified to ISO 9001 standards.


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Flower / Leaf DNA Extraction Kit

MIP / Extract DNA Extraction Kit

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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to get accurate, reproducible results, you must remove cannabis compounds that may inhibit PCR reactions.

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Enrichment is the only way to overcome sampling bias. Cannabis producers collect a representative sample to submit to the lab for testing. The lab then breaks down that sample into smaller parts to use for the various types of analysis. Without enrichment, the subsample may not actually contain the harmful pathogen you need to detect.

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The Storage Conditions of SenSATIVAx Reactions Vary, You will need a Refrigerator, +4 ºC (for storage of MGC Binding Buffer)


Chloroform ensures proper extraction of substances typically found in MIPs that are difficult to break and interfere with gDNA extraction.


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