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Our qPCR-based microbial testing method is specifically designed for cannabis matrices, optimized for efficiency, and easily scalable with liquid handling robotics. Find out why our method has become the industry’s preferred microbial testing technology.

Designed for Cannabis

All the the primers and probes used in PathoSEEK® qPCR Detection Assays were designed to ensure no cross reactivity with the cannabis genome, which is a common problem with assays borrowed from food testing. Each assay also includes a cannabis DNA positive control to ensures plant cells have been properly lysed, DNA survived the extraction intact, and there is no contamination in the Master Mix. LEARN MORE ABOUT PATHOSEEK® >

Validation You Can Trust

Medicinal Genomics puts all PathoSEEK® qPCR assays through a rigorous manufacturer validation to show accuracy, precision, specificity, linearity and limit of detection. In addition, the AOAC Performance Tested Methods (PTM) Program has evaluated and approved several PathoSEEK® assays as well as the SenSATIVAx® DNA Purification Kits. REVIEW THE VALIDATION DATA >

One Instrument Does It All

We offer both presence-absence and total count assays, so you only need to maintain one instrument and one workflow to test for all state-mandated targets. We also offer more multiplexed assays than any other vendor, so you can get more out of each instrument run and save on reagents. Furthermore, all PathoSEEK® assays use the same cycling protocol, so you can run any combination of assays simultaneously. SHOP PATHOSEEK® ASSAYS >

Turnkey Automation

Increase throughput up to 8x with automated DNA purification and qPCR setup. We offer turnkey liquid handling automation solutions from Agilent Technologies, Hamilton Robotics, and MGI/BGI. AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS >

Purified DNA = Better Results

Cannabis matrices contain a variety of non-DNA compounds and chemicals that can interfere with qPCR reactions and compromise results, if not eliminated. Use SenSATIVAx® DNA Purification Kits to remove any non-DNA material from cannabis samples so that you only transfer DNA to the qPCR reaction. LEARN MORE ABOUT SENSATIVAX® >

AOAC Research Institute’s Performance Tested Methods (PTM) Program

The PTM program, developed more than 30 years ago to provide a reliable but fast-paced review to help make the latest technology available to the market quickly. It provides independent third-party review and certification for proprietary test method performance. The certification mark assures users that an independent assessment found that test method performance meets an appropriate standard for its intended use. The PTM program has played a crucial role with emerging health concerns by providing a widely accepted certification in a fast-to-market context.

The Emerald Test™

An Emerald Badge™ is awarded to participating labs that meet the criteria established by the ISO accredited PT manufacturer with input from The Emerald Test™ Advisory Panel. Labs receiving a Badge are recognized for their capabilities through inter-laboratory comparison with their peers for a given test.

More Assays Than Any Other Vendor

Because we understand the cannabis genome and the microbes that impact cannabis plants better than anyone else,
we can offer more assays than anyone else.

Aerobic Bacteria


Bile Tolerant Gram-Negative Bacteria




Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Shigatoxigenic Escherichia coli (STEC)


Staphylococcus Aureus


Yeast and Mold


Plant Sex Testing


Plant Pathogens and Viruses


Associated Products

SenSATIVAx® DNA Purification Kits

Cannabis matrices contain a variety of non-DNA compounds and chemicals that can interfere with qPCR reactions and compromise results. Use Medicinal Genomics SenSATIVAx® DNA Purification Kits to remove any non-DNA material from cannabis samples so that you only transfer DNA to the qPCR reaction.



Grim Reefer Free DNA Removal

Eliminate free DNA from dead organisms prior to qPCR analysis, so it does not inflate quantitative results from PathoSEEK® Microbial Safety Testing Assays.


FastFinder Analysis 

Upload raw cycler data from PathoSEEK® assays to Ugentec’s FastFinder software and quickly convert it to actionable and standardized results.




Identify which microbial species triggered a Total Yeast and Mold, Total Aerobic Count, or Bile Tolerant Gram Negative failure and take action to prevent future failures.



PathoSEEK® qPCR Detection Assays

Specifically designed for use on cannabis and hemp products, including flower, extracts, and a variety of infused products. The PathoSEEK® platform uses qPCR technology, an established safety testing method in the food industry and medicine that has been used in several peer-reviewed studies.



Agilent AriaMX

AriaMx is a fully integrated qPCR solution for amplification, detection, and data analysis that can be used with any PathoSEEK qPCR Detection Assays. 


Automation Solutions

Save time, increase throughput, and eliminate user errors when you automate DNA extraction and qPCR setup with liquid handling robotics.


Relevant Publications

The Medicinal Genomics team has published extensively on the topics of cannabis microbial testing methods and sequencing the cannabis microbiome. 

Pathogenic Enterobacteriaceae require multiple culture temperatures for detection in Cannabis sativa L.

K McKernan, Y Helbert, LT Kane, L Zhang, N Houde, A Bennett, J Silva, …

F1000Research 11 (578), 578

Microbiological examination of nonsterile Cannabis products

K McKernan, Y Helbert, H Ebling, A Cox, LT Kane, L Zhang

OSF Preprints

Cannabis microbiome sequencing reveals several mycotoxic fungi native to dispensary grade Cannabis flowers

K McKernan, J Spangler, L Zhang, V Tadigotla, Y Helbert, T Foss, D Smith

F1000Research 4


Cannabis and Hemp Sequencing

Genotype plants, identify novel variants, and protect IP using the most advanced genomic tools on the market.

Mushroom Sequencing

Map all 40+ million bases of the P. cubensis genome to the most complete and comprehensive reference genome, delivered on

Microbial Speciation

Identify which microbial species triggered a Total Yeast and Mold, Total Aerobic Count, or Bile Tolerant Gram Negative failure.

See What Some Top Cannabis Testing Labs Say About PathoSEEK

What our customers are saying

Myron Ronay | CEO, BelCosta Labs
“We have chosen to use the PathoSEEK qPCR platform for microbial testing because of its accuracy and reliability. The Medicinal Genomics team is also friendly, helpful, and responsive to the needs of our lab to ensure our success. Classical plating methods are subject to misinterpretation and technical limitations. However, PathoSEEK utilizes targeted primers that enable us to get an accurate result and a faster turnaround time in comparison to plating methods. It’s also validated for different cannabis matrices which allows us to test a wide array of cannabis products. We would strongly recommend PathoSEEK for any cannabis laboratory seeking to do faster and more accurate microbial testing on cannabis products.”
Jini Curry | Chief Scientific Officer, Modern Canna Laboratories
“In 2019, we began evaluating microbial technologies and vendors to meet the state’s new cannabis testing requirements. At that time we were using plating, and we were having a lot of inconsistency with reproducibility of data and contamination. So we started looking at microarray and qPCR. Medicinal Genomics stood out because they had clearly done the work to understand their assays. That’s not something that every vendor could provide. That was when we decided Medicinal Genomics was going to be our partner.”
Dr. Christian Rogers | Chief Scientist, Steep Hill Mississippi
“As an industry leader in cannabis testing and analytics, we have a high standard for our methods. We chose qPCR for microbial testing because it delivers fast, reliable, and accurate results. We chose Medicinal Genomics for our qPCR vendor because their customer support and method validation were top-notch. The onboarding process was outstanding and we were up and running within 2 months. My favorite feature is the ability to use remote learning from the support team to solve issues.”
James Vandersee | President, Cannabest Labs
“We chose qPCR for microbial testing because it delivers results faster than plating and it can speciate pathogenic Aspergillus. After speaking with multiple qPCR vendors, Medicinal Genomics stood out as the most knowledgeable with the best staff to support us. The staff was the reason we chose Medicinal Genomics, and they are the reason we are still with Medicinal Genomics. They have outstanding customer service and their platform is streamlined for microbiology testing in cannabis.”
Lab Manager, California
“This is a fast-paced industry. Medicinal Genomics helps by providing high-quality products that serve our needs while providing excellent customer service. The team is willing to go above and beyond to answer our questions and ensure that products are delivered on time with an eye on our bottom line. Medicinal Genomics’ innovative products have also helped us streamline our processes and expand into pathogen testing.”
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