youPCR® Powdery Mildew Detection Assay

Stop Powdery Mildew Before it Spreads


Powdery Mildew can create a mycelium network on cannabis plants before it sporolates and can be visually detected. The youPCR® Powdery Mildew Detection Assay can identify plants that are infected with powdery mildew before they show visual signs, so you can treat or remove infected plants before the fungus has a chance to produce spores that will infect neighboring plants.


Screen Incoming Clones

A single infected clone can spread powdery mildew through an entire grow, and because PM creates an invisible mycelium network before it sporolates, you can’t rely on visual inspections to protect your grow from outside contamination.

Check Mom Before Cutting New Clones

Screen mother plants before taking any cuttings and significantly reduce the likelihood that the dozens of clones derived from that mother contain powdery mildew.

Protect Grow Room with Periodic Screens

Periodic screenings of grow rooms or mother plants for powdery mildew can help identify infected plants before they produce the spores that cause the fungus to spread, so you can better manage this pest in your facility.

*All youPCR® chemicals and reagents are manufactured in a facility certified to ISO 9001 standards.

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The youPCR® Plant Screening Platform tests plant DNA obtained from a small hole punch in the leaf. If the DNA sample contains the target sequence, a chemical reaction will turn the pink solution yellow, indicating a positive result.

Available Powdery Mildew Detection Products

420215 youPCR® Solution B – Powdery Mildew 50


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