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Recalls and Regulations: Unsafe for consumers, bad news for growers

For the past few years, we at Medicinal Genomics have compiled and continuously updated a compendium of microbial testing regulations in cannabis legal states. The latest results show that the current collection of inconsistent regulations—and in some cases, no regulations at all—isn’t good for anyone. Not the consuming public. Not the growers. Not even the regulators themselves.

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Kevin McKernan, CSO and Founder of Medicinal Genomics has been a pioneer in genomics since his work on the human genome.

Now, he aims to build a scientific foundation for the study of medicinal plants and their therapeutics. But his reasons for doing so are personal.

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What our customers say about Medicinal Genomics

Dr. Christian Rogers
Chief Scientist, Steep Hill Mississippi
"As an industry leader in cannabis testing and analytics, we have a high standard for our methods. We chose qPCR for microbial testing because it delivers fast, reliable, and accurate results. We chose Medicinal Genomics for our qPCR vendor because their customer support and method validation were top-notch. The onboarding process was outstanding and we were up and running within 2 months. My favorite feature is the ability to use remote learning from the support team to solve issues."
James Vandersee
President, Cannabest Labs Oklahoma
"We chose qPCR for microbial testing because it delivers results faster than plating and it can speciate pathogenic Aspergillus. After speaking with multiple qPCR vendors, Medicinal Genomics stood out as the most knowledgeable with the best staff to support us. The staff was the reason we chose Medicinal Genomics, and they are the reason we are still with Medicinal Genomics. They have outstanding customer service and their platform is streamlined for microbiology testing in cannabis."
Lab Manager, California
"This is a fast-paced industry. Medicinal Genomics helps by providing high-quality products that serve our needs while providing excellent customer service. The team is willing to go above and beyond to answer our questions and ensure that products are delivered on time with an eye on our bottom line. Medicinal Genomics’ innovative products have also helped us streamline our processes and expand into pathogen testing."
“Our interactions with everyone at MGC have been top notch. The staff have always been accommodating and willing to solve any and all issues that have arisen including taking on sequencing projects to explain differing outcomes between plating and qPCR results and drafting white papers and making themselves available to educate State-level cannabis regulators and their staff.”
"From a cultivation standpoint, Early Gender Detection is an awesome tool for us to have in our arsenal. The ability to know which plants are females about 10 days after germinating a pack of seeds saves us time and money. No more wasting precious resources and even more precious space growing out 'useless' males."
"I am very happy with the StrainSEEK® results I received from Medicinal Genomics. Being a molecular biologist, I plan to spend a great deal of time perusing the StrainSEEK® sequence info up close to begin to understand the differences we see in growth and disease resistance for different varieties. Identification of genetic markers that impart disease resistance is incredibly important to future breeding projects. Medicinal Genomics has given me a goldmine!"
"Working in the cannabis industry in Colorado is extremely competitive and rapidly changing. With new advancements and opportunities at every corner, we have to prioritize efficiency in our breeding program to keep up with a growing market. Conventional breeding methods take a lot of time, labor, and off-site lab testing that slows down our breeding process and costs a lot of money! Working with the Medicinal Genomics team and their youPCR system has given us the opportunity to collect imperative data about our plants in a short amount of time."
"The youPCR platform helped segregate males and F1s in drug-type x industrial hemp crosses. Being able to segregate plants at the seedling stage saves tremendous time, money, and resources. In addition, it helps manage licenses with limited plant counts. Prior to youPCR, everything was done using the observation method. The youPCR protocol is very easy and runs like a charm on any PCR machine with very minimal molecular laboratory skills or training."
"We have chosen to use the PathoSEEK qPCR platform for microbial testing because of its accuracy and reliability. The Medicinal Genomics team is also friendly, helpful, and responsive to the needs of our lab to ensure our success. Classical plating methods are subject to misinterpretation and technical limitations. However, PathoSEEK utilizes targeted primers that enable us to get an accurate result and a faster turnaround time in comparison to plating methods."
"We have used the PathoSEEK qPCR platform for our cannabis testing since opening. The system is relatively easy to use for anyone with basic molecular biology training. No specialized mycology training is required. Further, since specific genetic signatures are used rather than colony morphology, the system is less open to interpretation. Also, results are obtained quickly, helping with valuable turnaround time."
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