Steve McLaughlin

Senior BioInformatics Scientist

Steve has been a Bioinformatician for over 16 years and specialized in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for the past 12 years.  His sequencing experience started with his role on the R&D team at Applied Biosystems where he developed Bioinformatics tools and analysis of SOLiD and later Ion Torrent NGS data.  Just after that, he transitioned into a role at Courtagen Life Sciences, working closely with the clinical team to process NGS data used for generating clinical reports in a CAP and CLIA-regulated environment.  Steve also has extensive experience building and maintaining Bioinformatics workflows implemented in the Common Workflow Lanaguage (CWL) while at Seven Bridges and Veritas Genetics as well as Nextflow, which he used to build a Neoantigen workflow at Agenus.  His interests include music, collecting vinyl LPs, craft beer, and fancy coffee.

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