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Quality Control in Cannabis Microbiology; How to Comply and Go Further Than Industry Standard

In this webcast, we will discuss quality control measures that can be implemented to go above and beyond the industry standard for quality control. From …

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Genomic tools for Psilocybe cubensis propagation

During this webinar we will explore: Genetic variation in the Psilocybe cubensis synthesis pathway The design of qPCR assays for simultaneous quantification of E. coli …

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Growing with Genomics Accelerate Breeding, Screen for Pathogens, and QC Product

In this presentation, Kevin McKernan of Medicinal Genomics will explain how cultivators can use sequencing and DNA-based testing tools to achieve those three goals. First, …

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Cannabis Testing Townhall Part 4 Let Us Help – A Look into Agilent’s Current Applications Under Development

Do these applications align with your goals? Where can we improve? What new application(s) would you like to see? View the Video

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Cannabis Testing Townhall Part 3 The Analysis of Edibles with Cannabis Testing Experts

Identify strategies to overcome some of the most difficult challenges and pitfalls of chocolate, beverages and gummies & hard candies analyses. View the Video

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Cannabis Testing Townhall Part 2 FAQs and Open Session with Cannabis Testing Experts

Understand what to prepare for in terms of testing regulations when new states legalize cannabis or hemp products Identify strategies cannabis labs utilize to overcome …

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