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Your Hop Latent Viroid Checklist

Hop Latent Viroid Checklist Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd) is a single-stranded, circular infectious RNA that causes stunted growth in cannabis and hemp plants that can …

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Interactive Tool

Cannabis Microbial Testing Regulations by State

Cannabis Microbial Testing Regulations by State Microbial contamination on cannabis products represents one of the most significant threats to cannabis consumers, particularly immunocompromised patients who …

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How Much Can Gender Screening Save You?

How Much Can Gender Screening Save You? Are you looking for gender testing services? Get Started Ready to Start Gender Testing?   Getting started with …

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Case Study

Verify Feminized Seeds are Male-Free

Colorado Seed Inc. successfully demonstrated that the Medicinal Genomics FemINDICAtor® qPCR Plant Sex Detection Assay can detect one male seed in batches of 50 or …

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Case Study

Oregon CBD Accelerates Breeding with Genomics

Oregon CBD Accelerates Breeding With Genomics Using Genomic Services the OregonCBD team was able to: Identify specific genomic markers associated with desirable traits such as …

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Case Study

Cultivator Increased Yield 30% with Virus Screening

Using the PathoSEEK Cannabis Virus Multiplex Assay, the team was able to Confirm that a viral infection was causing plants to show signs of “dudding” …

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