qPCR is not plating*

*And that’s a good thing!

qPCR is quicker

Stop waiting for plating.

Lab results are often the blocker to getting a product on the shelf. With qPCR testing, you can deliver same-day results for total count tests and next-day results for presence-absence tests.

qPCR is smarter

qPCR detection assays actively look for DNA sequences that are unique to the target. If the DNA is present, qPCR will detect it.

Plating methods passively wait for cells to grow in a medium that is hopefully favorable to only the target microbes. The problem is, only a fraction of microbes culture, and those that do are not always on-target.

qPCR is cannabis

The cannabis matrix is one of the most complex matrices to test thanks to the seemingly infinite number of compounds. That’s why one cannot assume a method that works on tomatoes will work on cannabis.

Using our DNA purification method, you will remove the cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, and other inhibitors from the sample so you will only test clean DNA.

qPCR is scalable

DNA extraction and qPCR setup can be automated on liquid handling robots to increase throughput by 500%, while requiring only 2 hours of hands-on time per day. 

Getting Started


Getting started with the Medicinal Genomics Microbial Safety Testing is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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