MCR Labs Uses FemINDICAtor to Identify More than 99% of Male Seedlings

MCR Labs, an ISO-17025 accredited marijuana testing and research laboratory in Framingham, MA, successfully completed a large gender identification project using Medicinal Genomics’ FemINDICAtor® qPCR Plant Gender Detection Assay.

Using the FemINDICAtor assay, MCR Labs was able to accurately identify over 99% of the males within a cannabis planting of more than 900 seedlings.

President and Founder of MCR Labs Michael Kahn stated; “Implementing MGC’s genetic technology allows us to help our clients identify and remove male plants from their cultivation early in their grow cycle. This saves our customers valuable cultivation resources including labor, supplies, grow space, and electricity. The FemINDICAtor technology also helps to prevent an accidental pollination event due to human error in manual plant gender inspections.

MGC’s FemINDICAtor technology identifies male plants as soon as the second set of true leaves appear, which is typically weeks before other industry methods. Additionally, MGC’s DNA marker technology is highly efficient and scalable for accredited cannabis laboratories, allowing for large batch results within 3 hours of a single instrument run.

Learn more about FemINDICAtor® qPCR Plant Gender Detection Assay.

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