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This document will provide an overview of how the cannabis industry can use DNA sequencing and blockchain technology to create a transparent supply chain that cultivators, dispensaries, regulators, and consumers can trust.

A blockchain-based genetic catalog of all cannabis varieties in a given market provides transparency to an opaque world of underground names and folklore medicine. We have the unique ability in time to build the most comprehensive cannabis tracking system in the world that will bring patient safety, manufacturer transparency, and regulatory comfort.

Such a system is attractive to regulators, because it delivers emergent incentives against diversion and counterfeiting. Blockchain-linked mobile phone applications could instantly verify legitimate material with QR code links to public strain data on

Cannabis breeders and cultivators can also use genetic sequencing to accurately fingerprint their varieties and publish their genetic data to the Dash blockchain. They can then use the information to defend against any future patents or file for their own patent.

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